This is the blog of Philipp Mundhenk. I publish articles about my work and private projects, usually in the area of (embedded) network and software engineering, with a focus on security.



It is my pleasure to announce that I have achieved one of my dreams and received a doctoral degree with highest honor (summa cum laude) in Electrical and Computer Engineering with my thesis entitled "Security for Automotive Electrical/Electronic (E/E) Architectures", and may now call myself Dr.-Ing. Philipp Mundhenk. The thesis is available online as pdf, any book shop under ISBN… [read more →]

VBA Portable Date


Introduction In Excel, the date format depends on the locale setting of the computer, e.g., the formula =TEXT(TODAY(),"YYYY-MM-DD") only works correctly on computers set to English locales, and =TEXT(HEUTE(),"JJJJ-MM-TT") works on computers with German locale settings. This makes worksheets with such functions not portable between computers with different locale settings. This… [read more →]

Kindle Alarm Clock (updated)

Introduction For some time, I have been looking for a nicely designed alarm clock and some "advanced" features, such as weekly timers and potentially DAB/Internet Radio, at a reasonable price. As it turns out, no such alarm clock exists. At least I could not find anything I like. I thus decided to build my own. I was always fasicnated by the Kindle, which is a great little device. It… [read more →]