This is the blog of Philipp Mundhenk. I publish articles about my work and private projects, usually in the area of (embedded) network and software engineering, with a focus on security.

VBA Portable Date


Introduction In Excel, the date format depends on the locale setting of the computer, e.g., the formula =TEXT(TODAY(),"YYYY-MM-DD") only works correctly on computers set to English locales, and =TEXT(HEUTE(),"JJJJ-MM-TT") works on computers with German locale settings. This makes worksheets with such functions not portable between computers with different locale settings. This… [read more →]

Kindle Alarm Clock

Introduction For some time, I have been looking for a nicely designed alarm clock and some "advanced" features, such as weekly timers and potentially DAB/Internet Radio, at a reasonable price. As it turns out, no such alarm clock exists. At least I could not find anything I like. I thus decided to build my own. I was always fasicnated by the Kindle, which is a great little device. It… [read more →]

TeX, TikZ, Cache


Introduction When working in academia or writing your final thesis, you will come across TeX. While this is a great tool to write papers or a thesis, it has its caveats, one of these being performance. This especially holds when using TikZ or PGFPlots (which uses TikZ). When using these, every diagram and plot is redrawn every time you start your build process. To cache images, there is the… [read more →]