DIY Toothbrush Stand

Philipp Mundhenk · November 5, 2023

This may be my shortest post in quite a while, but sometimes also small things bring large benefit. I recently got a new electric toothbrush with a nice glass charger. However, there was no stand or holder for the heads, leading to these flying around the bathroom shelves. To improve this, I hacked together a minimal stand from leftover pieces.

Toothbrush Stand

Frankly, I started out intending to make something a little nicer, but did not have the right tools at hand. I am missing a router or similar. Thus, after failing to achieve this, I decided to go for a smaller, more practical hack: Starting from a leftover piece of wood, sanded nice and soft, and with rounded corners, I added a few nails. The nails are just long enough that the toothbrush heads are not fully touching the wood, so that remaining water can escape, yet short enough so that there is no large gap. The nails are spaced 2cm apart. As this meant some of the nails are at the very limit of the size of the wood (i.e., pinching through the bottom), I added some flat foam feet. Next time I oil the garden furniture, I might give this stand a bit of oil as well to make it handle remaining water a little better. So whole effort is in the range of a few minutes.

Toothbrush stand equipped Toothbrush heads on stand. Might be a few too many…

Toothbrush stand empty Better keep toothbrush heads on at all times, doesn’t like nice empty.

Toothbrush stand bottom These are some simple foam feet.

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