Kirby Reference Management

Philipp Mundhenk · September 25, 2015

As I often cite multiple sources in my articles here in Kirby, I built a minimal reference management, that lets me simply refer to these sources by a tag in the text. The actual URL of the source is then given at the bottom of the article in a separate section.

To make this process a little simpler, I built a mini tag for Kirby, which allows me to easily reference to sources in multiple places in the text.


Note that these demos no longer work, since the website is not based on Kirby anymore.

(ref: PM2015)

yields: (ref: PM2015)

(source: PM2015 url:

yields (source: PM2015 url:

You may create links to sources which open in new windows by adding popup:yes or popup:true to your (source: ) tag.

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