DIY Keyboard

Philipp Mundhenk · October 16, 2020


Here are a few things I have been thinking about, but discarded to make sure I reach at least an initial first version. Maybe I will extend this concept later, or someone else might take on the challenge to develop it further.


  • RGB LED lighting: Requires buck-boost converter or similar to get to 5V, maybe larger battery, use WS2812 LEDs
  • RGB LED in thumb switch: Cherry MX switches require 3mm LEDs, can’t find as RGB, might need to improvise with SMD. Ideally use addressable LED (WS2812 or similar) to save pins
  • Low-profile version: Different stem hole required, with Cherry MX Board 3.0 keycaps not possible to use plate (keycap too high)
  • Add WiFi module (ESP8266 or similar) to receiver to allow for home automation control
  • Case


  • Control LED in thumb switch (e.g., to signal active layer: 2 LED = 4 Layers)
  • Home automation control via WiFi module

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