New Website - The Obligatory First Post

Philipp Mundhenk · March 8, 2015

This is the first entry to my new website. I hope that the redesign of this website gives me the motivation to write new articles more often and keep a higher discipline in contributions than on my last website.

I primarily want to use this website to share information about my work in the domain of electrical and computer engineering. Over time, I will add some private projects I am working on, also mostly in the area of electrical and computer engineering. Over time, I might extend the usage of this websites to other hobbies and start adding travel reports, among other things.

I intend to use this website both for educational purposes, as well as archive and documentation of my own work. Often, one invests a large amount of effort to solve a problem, but does not document the process, thus making a reproduction both for oneself, as well as for others, unnecessarily difficult. I hope I can overcome this behavior in myself, by having set up this website and being able to document projects easily. Thus contributing to the vast knowledge-base internet, even if only so slightly in my very narrow area of expertise.

This website is based on Kirby with the Baseblog theme. I adapted the theme further to suit my purpose.

The comments section is powered by Disqus.

I would like to specifically mention the sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These buttons use the Shariff scripts, developed by the German IT magazine c’t and integrated via a Kirby plugin. These buttons allow sharing of content without the ugly tracking that usually comes along with it. Yes, you do get tracked on websites, even if you don’t share any content. The pure existence of the button on the page is sufficient. For pages that do not use the beautiful Shariff buttons you can use plugins to disable tracking, e.g. Disconnect for the Chrome or Firefox browsers.

I intend to keep all contributions in English. Feel free to use German or English in the comments section below. You can try French and Korean as well, but my command of these languages is limited, especially in case of the latter.

Happy browsing! Philipp

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