This is the blog of Philipp Mundhenk. I publish articles about my work and private projects, usually in the area of (embedded) network and software engineering, with a focus on security.

Kirby Reference Management


Introduction As I often cite multiple sources in my articles here in Kirby, I built a minimal reference management, that lets me simply refer to these sources by a tag in the text. The actual URL of the source is then given at the bottom of the article in a separate section. To make this process a little simpler, I built a mini tag for Kirby, which allows me to easily reference to sources in… [read more →]

No Frills Photo Sharing and Collecting

Introduction I recently had a larger celebration and liked the idea of distributing disposable cameras on the tables so that everyone can take quick snapshots, which I could later collect and summarize into an album. After a bit of investigation, however, I learned that these cameras are not particularly cheap and even worse, offer horrible image quality, right down to all black photos. Basically… [read more →]