This is the blog of Philipp Mundhenk. I publish articles about my work and private projects, usually in the area of (embedded) network and software engineering, with a focus on security.

TeX, TikZ, Cache


Introduction When working in academia or writing your final thesis, you will come across TeX. While this is a great tool to write papers or a thesis, it has its caveats, one of these being performance. This especially holds when using TikZ or PGFPlots (which uses TikZ). When using these, every diagram and plot is redrawn every time you start your build process. To cache images, there is the… [read more →]

Site-to-site VPN with OpenWrt and FRITZ!Box


Introduction To connect two networks over the internet in a secure fashion, a Virtual Private Network [VPN] is often the method of choice. However, the setup of a VPN is not straight-forward, much less if one tries to connect different brands of devices together. This article describes a low-budget solution utilizing an AVM FRITZ!Box 7390 on one side and a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND v1 running OpenWrt… [read more →]

Kirby Reference Management


Introduction As I often cite multiple sources in my articles here in Kirby, I built a minimal reference management, that lets me simply refer to these sources by a tag in the text. The actual URL of the source is then given at the bottom of the article in a separate section. To make this process a little simpler, I built a mini tag for Kirby, which allows me to easily reference to sources in… [read more →]