This is the blog of Philipp Mundhenk. I publish articles about my work and private projects, usually in the area of (embedded) network and software engineering, with a focus on security.

TODAES Best Paper Award 2019


I am very happy to announce that an essential part of my PhD thesis, our (with Andrew Paverd, Artur Mrowca, Sebastian Steinhorst, Martin Lukasiewycz, Suhaib Fahmy, Samarjit Chakraborty) paper entitled "Security in Automotive Networks: Lightweight Authentication and Authorization" has received the ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems (TODAES) Best Paper Award 2019… [read more →]



It is my pleasure to announce that I have achieved one of my dreams and received a doctoral degree with highest honor (summa cum laude) in Electrical and Computer Engineering with my thesis entitled "Security for Automotive Electrical/Electronic (E/E) Architectures", and may now call myself Dr.-Ing. Philipp Mundhenk. The thesis is available online as pdf, any book shop under ISBN… [read more →]

VBA Portable Date


Introduction In Excel, the date format depends on the locale setting of the computer, e.g., the formula =TEXT(TODAY(),"YYYY-MM-DD") only works correctly on computers set to English locales, and =TEXT(HEUTE(),"JJJJ-MM-TT") works on computers with German locale settings. This makes worksheets with such functions not portable between computers with different locale settings. This… [read more →]